Data Mining Book Review: Data Mining for Managers

dmmRichard Boire recently published Data Mining for Managers – How to use data (big and small) to solve business challenges. The particularity of this book is to bring a new (non-US) view of the field. What I mean by “new” is that examples and case studies are from Canada and thus not appearing in other data mining books.

The book provides good examples of business problems to solve using data mining. It has a strong focus on ROI rather than techniques and algorithms. Coverage is broad with topics such as privacy, CRM, data storage, social media, text mining, retail, credit risk, segmentation and finance. Chapters are short (3-10 pages) and go straight to the point. The book is thus easy to read but miss a deep review. The chapter about privacy is very interesting.

For managers, Boire’s book is an excellent introduction to the field. For data miners, the book gives interesting non-US examples that provide a high level overview of industrial applications. In summary, Data Mining for Managers is a broad and non-technical overview of the field, with a fresh perspective from Canada.

Data Mining for Managers: How to Use Data (Big and Small) to Solve Business Challenges


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