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As in several fields, lots of books exist in the data mining literature. People new to any domain usually appreciate suggestions from someone in the field. With my present experience in data mining books, I would suggest Introduction to Data Mining (Tan et al., 2005). It is a readable, although not comprehensive, book about data mining with a focus on clustering. It has been reviewed in this post. Since it is not possible to read all of them, a gathering of different reading experience can be very interesting. Therefore, if you have any recommendation, feel free to give your opinion and suggest a data mining book you have liked (or even written!). I’m sure beginners and people from other fields using data mining will appreciate.


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  1. I wasn’t even aware of the Tan book–I’d love to look it over (though it is a bit pricey for a casual purchase). Thanks for putting out the info on this book.

    I’ve put together a list and short reviews of data mining books on my web site and blog (if you don’t mind me posting):

    Two book recommendations, which are Dorian Pyle’s book on Data Preparation and the Witen and Frank book on data mining.

    The good news is that there are many great books on data mining.

    My critique of many of these books is this, however. In my opinion, most data mining books are not written for a practitioner, but rather for a researcher. For example, data mining books typically spend most of the pages describing algorithms, which of most practitioners comprises a very small part of the their data mining project.

  2. Data Mining, Concept and Techniques (Han and Kamber, 2006) may be a good example of data mining book for non researchers since they have a database point of view. Otherwise, the Witten and Frank book you mentioned is also a good one for practitioners I think. But I have to agree with you on the fact that most of the books are written by researchers for researchers. Finally, the book I’m reading now, Java Data Mining, might be relevant for practitioners as well.

  3. Witten and Frank’s book is my favorite. I also like Predictive Data Mining by Weiss and Indurkhya.

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