Data mining blogroll update

I have discovered plenty of data mining blogs recently. They are either general to the field or specific to a tool such as Oracle for example. I’m sure you will find something interesting. The blogroll of Data Mining Research has thus been updated. Updates of the blogroll are listed below:

  • Data Miners Blog: Written by experts in data mining, you have the opportunity to ask questions that will be answered through their blog.
  • Data Mining in SQL Server: Authors Gordon Linoff and Michael Berry write comprehensive posts related to data mining using the Microsoft tool.
  • DM(X): Similar to the previous one, the blog maintained by bogdan is quite new.
  • Jamie’s Junk: Blogging for almost 3 years, Jamie writes data mining posts with a more technical point of view.
  • Oracle Data Mining and Analytics: On his blog, Marcos Campos writes about data mining with, this time, a focus on Oracle products.

All these blogs are accessible from the blogroll on the sidebar of Data Mining Research. Enjoy the reading!


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