Data Mining Blog: Neural Market Trends

If you’re interested in data mining and the financial market, this blog is definitely for you. In Neural Market Trends, Thomas Ott writes about how he applies data mining in the financial market. His blog emphasis on the use of the RapidMiner tool. He describes himself as a RapidMiner evangelist. Here is an excerpt from his blog description:

Welcome! I use Rapidminer to create models of the financial markets. I share tutorials and videos on how to use Rapidminer to build your own. What to learn more? Just click on my tutorial page for more information. Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to visit this blog if you’re interested in financial applications of data mining. The big list of data mining blogs has been updated as well as the OPML version.

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  1. Mrs.Mon Mon Thei on Fri, 1st Jul 2011 2:34 pm
  2. Dear Sir,

    I am one of students preparing for thesis to get Ph.d and I am interested in data mining field, especially stock share value prediction systems and their related researches. I want to get aid for information and knowledge for my field of thesis. Thank a lot, Sir!

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