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DataSciences Analytics is a blog dealing with any kind of data analyses such as statistics and data mining. The author, John Aitchison, claims that his blog is non-technical and it is the case. All posts are readable. Subjects covered are statistics in general, marketing and news related to data analysis. Posts are comprehensive and constitute good reading materials. Unfortunately, it is not possible to let a comment on his blog (due to spam problems). However, posts are worth reading and comments can be made to the author through a special form.


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  1. Thanks Sandro

    Your point about not being able to leave comments is well taken, and I have now opened up the last few posts.

    As for comment spam, I will have to try and handle it somehow – probably use captcha

  2. Can any one point me to documentation or information about something called “Match Code Logic”?

    I believe it is used to sample sections of two records of data to determine liklihood of being the same or different.


    If only the first two characters of each word were analyzed, these two records would be deemed identical

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