Current Readings

Here are a few words about my current readings:

  • The Online Advertising Playbook: this is a must have book if you work in the online advertising domain. It clearly explains the different kinds of online advertising (demographic, geographic, behavioral, etc.). Many details about successful online advertising strategies are given such as impact and frequencies of ad display. I’m still reading the book and will certainly write a review when finished.
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management: The Data Quality Approach: data quality is a key step to most important data mining projects. In his book, David Loshin explains all the details of data quality with clear explanations about the methodology to adopt.
  • SAS Certification Preparation Guide: Base Programming for SAS 9: since I wanted to learn a bit more about SAS, I ordered the basic and advanced official books for the SAS exam. These are two really big books (with a lot of space to comment the text) in which every details of SAS are explained in a very didactic way.

Feel free to comment if you have remarks on these books or if you’re reading other interesting books.


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  1. SAS Certification Preparation Guide is one of the best books to learn SAS in structired way. It’s great for preparing for certifications. I did my Base and now working on Advanced, again using the SAS Prep guide.

  2. @Manish: I have also bought these two books. They are great but not really pleasant to read (like “The Little SAS book”). But they contain so much information! Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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