“Bloggers” group on AnalyticBridge

For those interested, I have created a group for bloggers on AnalyticBridge. If you have a blog related to statistics, data mining, business intelligence, web analytics, etc. or if you want to know what a blog can bring to you, feel free to join the group.

Here is the description of the “Bloggers” group:

Discussions about blogging. Share your experience if you are a blogger or learn what a blog could bring to you. What should you have on your blog? How to advertise your blog? How can you measure its popularity?

Hope to see you there!


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  1. hi friends,
    i would like to do research in data mining, can u suggest some of the areas to do research…plz guide me

  2. It is very difficult for me to give you advices as I don’t know you. However, I suggest that you look at the references on this post. Hope it helps.

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