BAQMaR Conference 2011: Creative Ways

BAQMaR, a network of analytic people, is organizing its annual event on December 8th in Ghent, Belgium. I have been invited to give a talk during the data mining session. I will present the work I did when I was consultant for FinScore. The talk is entitled “Personalized online advertising using data mining“. If you are interested, feel free to register for the BAQMaR conference. For more details, look at the program of the BAQMaR conference. Here is the official announcement of the conference:


In the last 5 years the rise of the internet and especially social media caused a boom in new opportunities we as researchers and analysts have: new data sources, alternative ways of collecting data & engaging marketing people with the consumer world. Next to that science moved on and showed us that consumer behavior is less rational than we think. A shocking fact that is putting question marks to everything we do.

This year’s conference will bring together some of the brightest minds of the industry who found ‘creative ways’ to grasp the new opportunities or to overcome some of the issues we face today. Let’s take you on a journey to discover all the creativity that is out there!


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