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I have recently read several articles and research papers about data mining applications. While some are very interesting, others are more, let’s say “funny”. Some of them may give you readings for the week-end:

  • Soft computing techniques applied to finance (Mochon et al.): Short research paper from Applied Intelligence, containing several references for applications of data mining in finance.
  • Predicting Financial Market Performance with Real Time Web Data (Tim O’Reilly): Everything is in the title.
  • The Use — and Misuse — of Statistics: How and Why Numbers Are So Easily Manipulated (?): Good examples of data manipulation (suggested by a reader of DMR).
  • Avoiding Plane Crashes By Crunching Numbers (Del Quentin Wilber): An interesting way of changing your problem when you don’t have enough data to mine.
  • Examples of the use of data mining in financial applications (Stephen Langdell): examples and comparisons of technical analysis and data mining in finance.
  • Avoid the danger of data-mining (David Merkel): this is a good example of what data mining is not. Here is an excerpt: “Data-mining allows marginal academics an opportunity to publish“. Absolutely delightful!

    I wish you a pleasant week-end!

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