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You have a few minutes before catching your train? Have a look around the world for other posts that are somehow related to data mining:

  • There is a list of 30 IT trends for 2007 on Data mining is among the list.
  • Matthew has a short post about the quantity of .xls files on the web on his blog.
  • Juice Analytics write about an interesting alternative to pie charts to present data. If you’re interested, just go there.

By the way, thanks for all your comments on different posts. It makes this blog living. It’s very interesting to read your comments, suggestions, or mind about a particular topic. Enjoy your week-end!


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  1. The pie chart link is interesting. I have seen variations on this before. For instance, rose plots. Here are some examples:

    In these instances, the rose plots are being used as histograms for angular quantities, but they have been used to represent crosstabulated data, as well.

    For anyone interested in this subject in general, I suggest: “Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery”, by Fayyad et al.

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