If you prefer LinkedIn rather than Facebook (because it is a more serious network) and if you are interested in data mining (you should if you are reading this blog), then the AnalyticBridge network is certainly for you. Vincent Granville has just created a new social network for people working in statistics, data mining, BI or any other field related to analytic.

Here is a list of keywords, from AnalyticBridge, describing the network focus:

  • Biostats
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Computational finance
  • Data mining
  • Business intelligence
  • Computer science
  • Operations research
  • SAS
  • Maths
  • Risk management
  • Market research
  • Six sigma
  • Web analytics.

Appart from keeping in touch with colleagues in the field, this network can be very usefull for discovering people working in your field or finding a job.


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