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Data Mining Research proposes you to advertise you company, website or blog through text link ads and banners. In both cases, your ad will be visible on the right sidebar of each page (post) of the blog.

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Data Mining Research Description

Data Mining Research ( started in June 2006, as a blog covering several aspects of data mining, both from the research and industry point of view. Data Mining Research contains examples of data mining applications, discussions on open issues, opinions on research articles, reviews of books, interview with leading data miners, data mining polls, etc.

Data Mining Research is listed on several websites and blogs in the data mining community. For example, it is listed on the famous KDnuggets, MineThatData and Smart Data Collective websites.

Data Mining Research Traffic and Audience

The following statistics have been obtained using Google Analytics and Feedburner. They summarize Data Mining Research activity for the month of January 2009 (from December 25th 2008 to January 24th 2009):

  • Current RSS subscribers: 517
  • Number of visits: 2139
  • Number of pageviews: 3415
  • Average number of page viewed: 1.60 pages
  • Average time on site: 1:50 minutes

Advertising on Data Mining Research offers you the opportunity to reach a wide audience of practitioners and researchers in the following fields: data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), data analysis, statistics, business intelligence and decision support.

Below are a set of graphs that give information about Data Mining Research traffic (click to enlarge).

Visitor locations since July, 2nd 2008 (from clustrmaps)

Traffic sources for January 2009 (from Google Analytics)

Rank on different search engines for “data mining research” on January 25th 2009 (from Marketleap)

Rank on different search engines for “data mining blog” on January 25th 2009 (from Marketleap)

For further information about advertising on Data Mining Research, please contact me.

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