Adding websites to the Data Mining Search Engine

Since its start a few months ago, the Data Mining Search Engine keeps growing. The number of queries on this custom search engine has reached the 1000. There are now 86 websites indexed and 18 contributors. See the links on the right sidebar of this blog for contributing to the search engine website list (even with your own website or blog, if it is related to data mining).

In this post, I would like to present Google Marker, a simple way to add websites to an existing custom search engine such as the Data Mining Search Engine. The Google Marker consists of a simple button you can add to your browser. It will look like this:

And each time you find an interesting data mining website or blog, you just need to click on the button (you need to be a contributor of the search engine) to add the page.

Note that you can now access the Data Mining Search engine with its tiny URL:

If you find it useful, feel free to add it to your own website or blog.

Thanks to Shane Butler for the Google Marker tip.


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