5 data mining whitepapers to read

One way to learn about new data mining topics is to read white papers written by experts in the field. Below are five recent whitepapers about various topics such as data visualization, Big Data and the data-driven culture:

Fostering a data-driven culture (The Economist): Discuss the power of data among the company and the meaning of Big Data for experts. Based on a study of 530 senior executives.

Analyzing the analyzers (O’Reilly): An interesting study about data scientists, their skills, roles in the company and career paths. Very pertinent description of data miner profiles.

Demystifying Big Data (TechAmerica Foundation): Define Big Data and surroundings concept with plenty of government applications. The paper also discusses technology and how to get started with Big Data.

Visualizing Data (Harvard Business Review): A mix of short articles about data visualization from different authors. Broad overview of the field.

Big Data for Big Companies (International Institute for Analytics): Overview of Big Data with a focus on case studies among several industries (UPS, Macys.com, Bank of America, etc.). Covers technology and organizational structures.


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  1. Hi Sandro, great article. I found interesting “Analyzing the analyzers”, because I’m having similar problems. I have a PhD in computer science and I finished a post doc. What would you suggest to start a career in Big Data? I have no prior working experience in the field (outside PhD). Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the advice! I’m reading a lot of data mining books and articles. I’ll definitely take a look at Kaggle competitions.

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