10 years of data mining

In a recent paper in the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro has an interesting paper about recent tendency in data mining. He wrote a survey based on the point of view of KDnuggets, a must-known company sharing news and more for the data mining community. Below is the abstract of his paper:

I survey the transformation of the data mining and knowledge discovery field over the last 10 years from the unique vantage point of KDnuggets as a leading chronicler of the field. Analysis of the most frequent words in KDnuggets News leads to revealing observations.

In this paper, Gregory points out the main transformations that have affected the domain. He provides several application domains where data mining has succeeded, as well as successful methods such as Support Vector Machines (SVM). After some text mining on KDnuggets news, Gregory draws a few conclusions. The main one is a move of data mining from university to business. The greatest demand for data miners is from business analytics, according to his study.

I think that the paper is only accessible if you have access to the journal content.


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